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Why We’re the Best Carpet Cleaners Around.

Carpeting is an investment that requires care to retain its beauty and value. Unfortunately, things such as dirt, hair, stains, dust mites and other things can cause damage by getting between the carpet fibers. This not only can result in an ugly appearance but also spread germs to children who may be playing on the floor. In addition, a dirty carpet can cause allergens as well as emit pet or other odors. Locally owned, we, at Professional Carpet Systems of Tennessee, are a company that offers premium carpet cleaning service in Nashville and its surrounding areas.

Over the years, carpets have been constructed of a variety of materials such as plants,animal skins,silk,wood and synthetic fibers. Some were manufactured by machine and some were hand woven. Many of the original hand woven carpets stand in museums today. This is because of the excellent care they received over the years. These days, using a professional carpet cleaning service can also result in a long carpet life and provide a good return on the original investment.

In today’s market, the majority of rugs manufactured use synthetic fibers such as polyester, nylon, acrylic or olefin. These fibers are especially durable and will last for many years when properly cared for. This means engaging a carpet cleaning services company that knows how to identify the carpet’s construction and apply the proper chemicals is essential if the carpet is to retain its original appearance.


Whether located in a home, commercial business or office, a carpet’s appearance reflects the character of its owner. Walking into a business, for example, that has a clean carpet produces a feeling that the proprietors are interested in their surroundings and will provide good service. A stained, ugly carpet produces the opposite effect. In a home, a clean carpet shows that the owner is aware of the importance of a clean carpet to insure the family’s health and comfort as well as to reflect an overall beauty.

Large commercial locations, such as retail locations, rental properties, medical buildings and so forth often have a huge area of carpeting. Because of high traffic, these areas accumulate dirt and other trash more readily than in a regular home. Cleaning these carpets correctly is essential to prevent dirty air from rising, which could affect the health of the patrons. Our professional carpet systems are especially designed to remove stains, odors, dirt and other materials which leave a carpet clean and present a welcome appearance for patrons.


Whether the carpeting is located in a home, office or other location, retaining its beauty and design by the proper carpet cleaning services will assure that the original investment is maintained. Our company’s professional carpet cleaning personnel are highly trained in all areas of carpet cleaning services. They are able to ascertain the type of materials involved, apply the right chemicals to revitilize the carpet and give it a fresh, clean look.

A Business with History

As a professional carpet cleaning company, in business since 1999, we are proud of our many satisfied customers and are well known for our superior service and reasonable prices in Nashville, Franklin and Brentwood. Our personnel are courteous, insured, bonded and certified in all aspects of professional carpet cleaning.

We are happy to provide estimates on any large or carpet cleaning Nashville or surrounding area job. A call to our carpet cleaning Nashville office will be answered by a professional that will answer any questions you may have regarding our services and prices. If a large commercial area is involved we will be happy to send one of our experts to view the area, explain our professional carpet systems and provide an estimate of the cost.

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