28 Jan 2016
magic carpet ride


Photo Credit: Michael Saechangfea


The Magic Carpet in America

The “Magic Carpet” has come to be one of the most widely-loved themes in popular entertainment culture today. After all, who could resist Walt Disney’s classic adaptation of the theme based on a Middle Eastern folk tale? Before Disney’s Aladdin was the classic late sixties anthem, “Magic Carpet Ride” by Steppenwolf. Even earlier than that, we find magic “wishing-carpets” used to propel individuals into travel throughout Heaven in “Captain Stormfield’s Visit to Heaven” by Mark Twain.

Dreamy Flights of Fantasy

What’s the connection? Dreamy flights of fantasy, with none other than the carpet, as the celebrated vehicle. In fact, Disney’s 1992 version escalated the carpet itself from a key prop to a featured character, known, inventively, as “Carpet”. According to disney.wikia.com, “Despite being a carpet, Aladdin’s Magic Carpet is a character of many traits, and pure of heart.” Ah, the creative minds at Disney. Still, the connection is not too hard to make.

You Want What’s Best for Your Family

As a mother or father, you want what’s best for your family. You want your children to be safe. To be properly trained and educated. And you want them to know how to dream.

Dream Time

Have you ever seen your children snuggled up upon the carpeted floor, fast asleep? Their peaceful, happy faces are a sweetly mysterious indication of the far-away places they’re exploring in their dreams. Or maybe they’re sprawled out across the soft twisted fibers with the tools of their imagination – hard at work with their Legos, paper and crayons, or whatever they’ve chosen, constructing fantastic new creations. Did you smile to yourself, knowing that all was right in the world? Maybe you thought, “Oh no!”, and promised to do something about that carpet while you quickly whisked your little ones up. If your response was the latter, Professional Carpet Systems of Nashville can help!

Carpets Fit for Dreaming

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