Why Professional Carpet Systems is the best rug cleaning service in the middle Tennessee area.

We have rug cleaning services in Nashville, Tennessee, that can be used to effectively clean your area rugs such as in a wash pit or with advanced extraction techniques for removing dirt. You may have problems from stains or dirt. Our staff can come to your home, inspect the rugs, recommend treatments and then take your rugs to our plant for specialized cleaning processes. We can clean various types of oriental rugs such as silk and wool.

Cleaning Procedures

The cleaning techniques include specialized dusting processes and shampooing. We use a rug duster machine to remove surface debris from the front and from the back of the rugs. The fringe on the rugs and any spots are treated before the finally cleaning process with a rug shampoo. The rugs may be rinsed with extraction equipment or cleaned in a wash pit. The process is designed to protect the fibers in the area rugs.

Area Rug Cleaning

Wash Pit

The wash pit permits our staff to thoroughly clean oriental rugs if the extraction equipment did not remove the dirt. The techniques with the wash pit permit us to safely use methods that could not be used in your home. You will not be inconvenienced by the drying process because your rug will be carefully cleaned in our plant while you continue your normal activities.

The Drying Process

An area rug must be carefully dried to ensure that the rug does not shrink, which would affect the shape of the rug and would also make the rug impractical for the same room. A rug is usually chosen because of the size of the rug. If a rug shrinks, then the rug would not be suitable for using under the same dining room table or under the same desk. We will hang the rug or allow the rug to dry flat in a controlled environment after the rug cleaning process.

Area rugs

Types of Area Rugs

Our staff will assess the condition of the rug and then advise you about the precautions that we will use to protect the fibers. We can clean silk, wool, tribal, flokati and box-store rugs. Our staff understands that you may have a huge investment in your oriental rugs and will use gentle cleaning techniques to protect the fibers while also removing the dirt. Wool fibers are especially sensitive to shrinkage during the drying process, which is the reason that we carefully monitor and control the drying process.


If you use special treatments for your rug, you may still have problems from spots. The fundamental procedures for caring for your rug should include vacuuming with special tools to protect the fibers, rotation to control uneven wear in high traffic areas and padding under the rug to control damage that can be caused by the friction between the floor and the rug. The padding can be used to prevent oriental rugs from slipping across a floor. If you cannot remove a spot with a solution of water, a mild detergent and white vinegar, then we can treat the spot for you.

Professional Cleaning Services

Our professionals in Brentwood, Tennessee, can remove a spot without damaging the rug fibers. You should not rub a spot because an area rug has been formed by knotting and by twisting the material with techniques for weaving the rug. Any friction on the rug could cause the fibers to break, which would cause the rug to slowly unravel. Our cleaning techniques are used to apply pressure to the dirt and to the spot without using grinding techniques on the rug fibers.

Delivery Services

The advantages of our pick-up and delivery services include more free time for you and less physical exertion. We will pick up your area rugs in Franklin, Tennessee, and then begin the rug cleaning process in our plant. After we have initially treated the rugs, we can inform you about any special techniques that may be required for treating a spot or for cleaning the rugs such as with our wash pit. The cleaned rugs will be carefully wrapped in brown craft paper. You may choose to pick up your rugs or to have us to deliver and then to lay the area rugs for you.

Area Rug Installation