05 Nov 2015

playing on the carpet

Have Your Carpets Got That “Holiday Feeling”?

It’s just around the corner. The “most wonderful time of the year”. You cooked, you cleaned, you cleaned some more. Everything from dusting and vacuuming to fervent spot removal. Thanksgiving’s almost here, and your family is on its way. The house looks spotless and is about to smell…. oh, so good!

Clean enough for the kids?

Of course, you might feel a little differently when your sister’s littlest ones get down on the carpet to play. It looks pretty good, but you know the truth: when it comes to carpeting, looks can be deceiving. If only you’d had time to get the carpets cleaned!  There’s always so much to do that it seems something important always gets left out.

Join them on the floor!

Hold that thought! After all, you just need a little help. Why not call Professional Carpet Systems of Nashville? It may be too late for Thanksgiving, but not for Christmas and New Year’s. Wouldn’t it be great to have peace of mind the next time your niece and nephews head for the floor – and maybe you’ll even join them? They’re so cute at this age!

Professional Nashville Carpet Cleaning from PCS

Your family deserves a beautiful, professionally cleaned carpet. With Professional Nashville Carpet Cleaning from PCS, you can relax, knowing your carpets will be serviced using cutting edge technology to produce the best possible results by our thorough, professionally trained carpet cleaning technicians.

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At Professional Carpet Systems Of Nashville, we offer a multitude of cleaning solutions for any budget. We specialize in complete carpet cleaning services including carpet rejuvenation,  carpet restoration, m carpet repair, and carpet replacement, as well as other flooring related products. The PCS team takes great pride in their work, and their well known reputation for customer satisfaction. Would you like more information or a  free estimate? We’ll be happy to help! Give us a call at Professional Carpet Systems of Nashville today at 615-241-0830. We look forward to helping you!



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