21 Dec 2015

tile & grout cleaning b4 & after (1)

It’s Time.

When you want to give a kitchen, bathroom, or any other tiled space an instant makeover that’s sure make your whole room look fresh and new again, it’s time for professional Nashville tile & grout cleaning from PCS. With Professional Carpet Systems of Nashville, our highly trained cleaning technicians will clean, sanitize, and refresh your tiled floors using only the most effective  professional products, techniques, and the most technologically advanced equipment.

And That’s Important.

It’s funny, but the two rooms you count on most to be clean, the kitchen and the bathroom, tend to be the biggest culprits. You’ve seen the ugly deposits that build up on that tile and grout. Dirt, grime, and harmful contaminants like bacteria and mold can build up quickly. Because grout is a highly porous material, you need to know those contaminants will be completely removed, and your tile and grout fully cleansed and sanitized. Ah, now that’s better!

Professional Nashville Tile & Grout Cleaning from PCS

Your family deserves safe, clean and fresh tiled flooring. With Professional Nashville Tile & Grout Cleaning from PCS, you can relax. We’ll thoroughly clean and refresh your tile and grout using cutting edge technology to produce the best possible results by our experienced, professionally trained cleaning technicians.

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At Professional Carpet Systems Of Nashville, we offer a multitude of cleaning solutions for any budget. We specialize in tile and grout cleaning, as well as complete carpet cleaning services. The PCS team takes great pride in their work, and are well known for their reputation for outstanding customer satisfaction. Would you like more information or a  free estimate? We’ll be happy to help! Give us a call at Professional Carpet Systems of Nashville today at 615-241-0830. We look forward to helping you!


Love your TILE, Love your home!


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