Carpet Repair and Odor Removal Service in Nashville, TN

If you’re searching for dependable carpet repair or cleaning work, our full-service Franklin, Tennessee-based company Professional Carpet Systems may be just what you need in your life. If your residential carpeting used to be soft and beautiful but now is a mess that’s full of stains that look bad and smell even worse, we can turn your situation around completely. Our carpet odor removal services are extremely effective and reliable.

Cleaning Procedures

Our company is in Franklin and caters to the carpet cleaning needs of residents of the entire Nashville region, Brentwood included. The carpet cleaning professionals who are on our staff are all extremely experienced. They also all have licenses. Because of that, our customers can approach working with us with full confidence. Our carpet cleaners truly know what they’re doing. Our staff members offer our customers clean, fresh and healthy living or working settings. They accomplish this by diligently cleaning area rugs, carpet, tile, textiles and even hardwood floors. We’ve been accommodating the carpet repair and odor removal needs of people in the region for more than 15 years.

Nashville Carpet Cleaning and Repair

Carpet Repair

When it comes to carpet repair, we can handle all sorts of issues. If you’re frustrated because of a conspicuous burned patch that’s located smack dab in the middle of the gorgeous area rug in your living room, we can assist you. If you’re upset because of an annoying broken carpet seam, we can assist with that with just as much confidence. Other common repair needs we frequently take care of include troubles with metal edging, looseness and stretching.

Efficient Quality

Our repair services are highly efficient and dependable. When you call on us to fix your carpeting, you don’t have to worry about waiting for long. Our goal as a carpet company is to provide our customers with the highest level of convenience in service. We also make a point to handle all of our repairs the proper way. When you hire us for our carpet repair work, you don’t have to worry for a second about our expertise or capabilities. Our repair technicians always do everything properly and thoroughly. There are no lazy or slapdash employees on our staff, and we’re extremely proud of that fact.

Cheap Carpet Cleaning and Repair


Receiving repair service for your carpeting doesn’t have to do major damage to your wallet. In fact, it doesn’t have to do any damage to it at all. At Professional Carpet Systems, we’re all about budget-friendly and inexpensive prices. Another terrific thing about our company is that we guarantee our customers full satisfaction as long as their carpet is still intact.

Saftey First

Fixing carpet problems isn’t only important for aesthetic purposes. It’s also often crucial for basic safety reasons. If there are lumps in your carpet, for example, they can cause the people who walk on it to injure themselves if they fall. Loose carpeting can be just as dangerous. It isn’t at all uncommon for people to fall suddenly to the ground while walking over carpeting that’s in any way loose.


We’re seasoned specialists in carpet odor removal service. If your carpet smells unpleasant in any way, our professionals will do away with the lingering odors so you can breathe easy again. Whether the odors in your carpet come from pet potty training mishaps, food spills or anything else, we can be extremely helpful to you. Once we’re done with our efficient and effective carpet odor removal techniques, your carpet will smell as fresh and immaculately clean as ever before. If you’ve been reluctant to allow guests into your home for quite a while due to the embarrassment of icky odors coming out of your carpet, we can make that feeling history for you. Attaining beautiful, tidy and odor-free carpeting has never been so easy and convenient before.

We Also Serve Businesses

Our Nashville area customers include both residences and businesses. If you’re the manager at a business and are embarrassed by a massive food stain in the middle of your office floor, our professionals can rid of it quickly for you. They can also get rid of any and all smells that are associated with said highly noticeable food stain.

Commercial Building Carpet Cleaning and Repair

Call us at Professional Carpet Systems today to make an appointment for our repair or odor management service.