08 Dec 2015

snowboots on carpet

Let it Snow?

It may be the most wonderful time of the year – but not when it comes to your carpet! If your home is carpeted, you have a large investment on your hands to protect. But when winter rolls around, you’ve got a challenge on your hands. Ice, snow, and mud are not kind to clean carpets. Neither are the harsh chemicals used to eliminate that ice and snow. Everyone one knows, winter is tough on carpet.  

Crazy Christmas Debris

We love to celebrate the season. Still, high levels of traffic from holiday visitors means soiling potential is at an all-time-high. And then there’s all the trappings of Christmas itself: tree needles, cookie crumbs,  glitter, you name it! The range of debris your carpet collects this time of year is phenomenal. But don’t worry. At Professional Carpet Systems of Nashville, we specialize in restoring your carpets to their previous beautifully pristine condition.

 Winter is Tough on Carpet

Especially at this time of year, your family deserves a beautiful, professionally cleaned carpet. With Professional Nashville Carpet Cleaning from PCS, you can relax, knowing your carpets will be serviced using cutting edge technology to produce the best possible results by our thorough, professionally trained carpet cleaning technicians.

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